Superstomp Pit bike

I finally got my hands on Superstomp 150K. At first I was quite hesitant to buy one, because my pals kept on saying that a bike like this belongs to a grass field. Blah. I still decided to choose Superstomp because the price tag teased me to death. First thing, though, is to not let the miniscule form fool you, as it sure packs quite a punch when on the road. The name of this baby sure fits him. I didn’t know, at first, though, that it is self-assembly, but I soon found out it as easy as reciting ABCs, thought I admit that the plastic baffled me a little. The first time I start the bike I almost wet my pants. Holy, the sound it gave was immaculate. Riding it was no different. It was faster than the bikes I had in the past. At slow speed I could already feel the Superstomp asking for more; so I gave it more! And the handling was excellent, the tire grasp intact. Slippery surfaces are no match for this, as when I took it out when it was snowing the controls didn’t feel slippery at all.
The downside to owning such a bike is that you are uncertain about the news regarding older Superstomps not starting. I still have yet to find out because I just got the rumors from web forums—but it’s the Internet, so I’m not yet worrying. As of now, though, I have plenty of time to enjoy this little baby of mine.

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